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Thursday, 30 January 2014 06:44

Street Barbecue in Dadonghai

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Several street barbecue vendors can be found in Dadonghai on Hai Hua Road across the street from the Hawaii Hotel. Most locals prefer the first pad on the right-hand side if you're walking up Hai Hua Road going AWAY from the beach.
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 18:40

Dongbei Restaurant and Jiaoze

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Awesome little Dongbei restaurant on the food alley in Dadonghai.
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 18:11

Hilltoppers Court in Dadonghai

The Hilltop Court is a local favorite for afternoon games of hoops in Dadonghai. Pickup games are regularly played starting around 5:00 in the evening until dark. A local group of expats and Chinese regularly play on Fridays, and enjoy a few beers on the hill after the game.
Monday, 27 January 2014 13:46

Dolphin Bar & Grill

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The Dolphin Bar & Grill in Dadonghai has long been a favorite hangout spot for locals to meet, have a burger and a beer, and shoot a game of pool while watching rugby and tennis.
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 15:57

Sanya Surf Circus Restaurant, Bar, and Surf Club

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Sanya Surf Circus is favorite hangout spot for local surfers and beachgoers who want to enjoy a sandwich and a cold beer on the beach in Dadonghai.
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 15:38

Casa Mia Italian Restaurant

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Casa Mia serves up authentic Italian food at a reasonable price with friendly staff and a warm atmosphere.
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