A New Year, a New Start

What better time to restart SanyaCentral.com than at the beginning of Chinese New years.

This year is the "Year of the Horse", which is apparently very 'auspicious' for me as I was born in the year of the Horse (1978, actually I'm born in 1979 but my birthday is in January and falls before the Chinese New Years, so technically I guess this puts me in with the '78ers).

Chinese custom recommends wearing red underwear during your animal year, so I guess I should hit up Taobao.com and buy some red boxers, though I'm pretty sure this will ultimately turn all my white T-shirts pink in the washing machine.

Anyway, I'll be trying to cover some local events, share stories about what's happening in the community, and generally mocking the brilliant minds that have engineered and planned the local community.

Stay tuned....

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